Think Locally. Act Globally.

by Bill Link

You thought it was the other way around?

Local SEO Marketing

Succeed in local business with a global marketing strategy.

Yes, in most cases you’re encouraged to take a world view while tending your own backyard. But when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we feel it’s better to be a touch myopic — to focus on the businesses and customers that are right next door, just down the street, or on the next block.

Remarkably, in this modern age, the best way to reach those businesses and customers is to be present and visible on the world wide web. According to a May 25, 2011 Google press release, twenty percent of all online searches have local intent, which is to say that one in five people using a search engine are looking for a service, product, or business in their immediate area with the intent of making a purchase decision.

So, is twenty percent a lot? Well, consider that approximately half a billion searches are conducted every single day. That means 100 million of those searches have local intent.

Yeah, that’s a lot.

But it isn’t just quantity that we need to consider – there’s also quality. And the quality of local SEO is evident when you compare what people are looking for globally to what they seek locally. Global search trends are driven by current events and news of the day, local search is driven by the immediate needs of the consumer. Just take a look at Google Trends, which tracks the hottest global search terms on any given day, for proof of this. You’ll see that the most popular global search terms are celebrity names, sporting events, television programs, and movie titles.

Local search terms, by contrast, are harder to track and quantify because they are so specific in terms of their geographic location and the product or service being sought. So among those 100 million local searches being conducted every day, there are countless variations of terms such as “Iowa bankruptcy attorney,” and “Des Moines wedding photographer,” or “Urbandale dentist.”

These geo-targeted, long-tail search terms are the stuff local SEO is made of. Potential customers are searching for your products and services each and every day using phrases just like these. Recognizing this and identifying phrases that are relevant to your business, and then optimizing your website to appear within the first few search results for those phrases, is essential to a profitable internet marketing strategy.

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