SEO Is Not Spam

by Bill Link

Matt Cutts just gave the world of SEO a great big warm video hug. It wasn’t so much his declaration that Google “doesn’t consider SEO to be spam,”  (I never thought they did) but rather his succinct explanation of SEO coupled with an unequivocal endorsement of search engine optimization as a powerful and valuable tool for getting your website found.

Of course, unless you are an SEO, you’re not likely to know who Matt Cutts is or why his opinion matters. In a nutshell, Cutts is the overseer of search quality for Google as the head of their Webspam Team. When he talks, we listen. And he’s been talking.

In a recent video blog, Cutts answers the question “Does Google consider SEO to be spam.” Honestly, I didn’t know this was even a question. After all, Google has long offered a clear set guidelines and instructions for site optimization in their “Google Search Engine Optimization Guide.” Every SEO currently working has read and referred to this white paper countless times. Granted, it’s beginner-level information, but a good rule of thumb for anyone interested in SEO is “if Google offers it, take advantage of it.”

SEO Is Not Spam

SEO is not Spam. But Spam is delicious!

Another good rule of thumb is “if Google is telling you how to do it, they don’t consider it spam.” So I wasn’t shocked to hear cuts offer a resounding “No” in answer to the question “Is SEO spam?”

But as you’ll see when you watch the video (below), he went way beyond just saying “SEO isn’t bad,” he quite plainly stated “SEO is good.” This was no faint praise. He made it clear that he understands what we do, why it’s important that we do it, the value that it offers to businesses and consumers, and that, when done right it, SEO makes the world a better place. He said that. Really.

Honestly, just watch the video. Cutts says it better than I can. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

Search engine optimization can be a valid way to help people find what they’re looking for via a search engine.

There are many, many valid ways that people can make the world better with SEO.

If you find a good person, someone that you can trust, someone that will tell you exactly what they’re doing…they can absolutely help your website.

There’s a lot of great SEOs out there and I hope you find a good one to help with your website.


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