Social Marketing

Whenever we discuss social media marketing with our clients, the conversation usually begins with the question that seems to be on every business owner’s mind: Should my company be on Facebook?

Our answer is always the same: Maybe.

Look, the truth about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other more than 200 social media applications out there (yep, there really are that many) is that no one knows for sure just how effective they can be for generating new business. We know that the guys who created them are making a ton of money, but beyond that, no one has yet been able to effectively determine sales conversions from social media marketing (SMM).

Granted, there are some really compelling stories of SMM success from all sizes and types of businesses. But for every single success story, there are literally hundreds of tales of time wasted, opportunities missed, and corporate toes stubbed.

So are we telling you to stay away from SMM? Of course not. It does have value. We just want our clients to have a realistic set of expectations for their SMM campaigns.

Do You Like Me Like Me, or Just Like Me?

Likes mean nothing. They do not convert to dollars, so racking up thousands or tens-of-thousands of “likes” or “followers” is an empty goal. They’re along the same lines as those Valentine’s Day cards we passed out in elementary school. The sentiments are nice, but rarely sincere.

The goal of SMM, then, should be to authentically engage those few followers who truly do like you, your products, your services, and your brand. These chosen few can become some of the most powerful brand ambassadors you have if you’ll emphasize the “social” more than the “marketing” aspect of SMM.

To do that, you need to establish common ground with your customers/friends/followers that goes beyond your latest offer or clearance sale.

Iowa SEO Group is happy to make SMM management part of any search engine optimization or search marketing campaign we undertake. We don’t feel there is enough merit in social marketing at this time to offer it as a stand-alone service or to charge a premium for it.

But we can easily spend a portion of our allotted weekly time for your campaign to optimize your social media pages, craft messages that will engage your audience, and monitor your accounts for any potential public relations opportunities or customer service issues.

As social media continues to grow and redefine itself and as the means for measuring the return on investment become more reliable, we will adjust our services accordingly.

In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss how social media fits into an SEO campaign for your company, please contact Iowa SEO Group for a free initial consultation.