Top SEO Factors Simplified

by Bill Link

When speaking with small business owners, I often get asked what the most important SEO ranking factors are. At its core, the question is pretty simple: What can I do to my website to make it show up better in search engines?But like most other SEO consultants, I have a gift for offering

SEO Ranking Factors SEO ranking factors don’t have to be hard to understand.

complicated answers to simple questions. So this is when I often launch into a litany of acronyms and jargon that induces glassy-eyed stares and nervous ticks in my audience.

In an effort to short circuit my “geek-speak” reflex, I set out to create a set of analogies that make rank factors easy to remember and easy to understand for any businessperson, regardless of their Internet knowledge or the industry they operate in. And, as it turns out, there are some direct correlations between the steps you’d take to build an optimized website and those you’d take to open a “real” store on the town square. Once you see those similarities, it doesn’t take much imagination to then see that the way a search engine finds and ranks your website is much like the way customers in your town would find and evaluate your business.

As I began writing this, I realized that it was going to get painfully long if I tried to cover all of the analogies in a single blog post. So I’ve decided to present the information in a series of articles. In each new article, I’ll attempt to explain one of the correlations I see and offer some insight to help you build and prepare your website for a virtual grand opening. Below are the installments I have planned. As each one becomes available, the title will become a link to the published post.

Top SEO Factors

Part 1: Domain Name Equals Prime Real Estate

Part 2: Web Design Equals A Tidy Store

Part 3: Page Title Equals Good Signage

Part 4: Subtitles Equal Department Signs

Part 6: Web Content Well Stocked Shelves

Part 7: Photos And Videos Equal In-Store Displays

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