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Article marketing is perhaps one of the most overlooked, misunderstood, and poorly utilized SEO strategies. Not surprising considering that effectively leveraging article marketing takes a great deal of work and a high level of cooperation between an SEO consultant and the client.

Others in this industry consider article marketing to be a ploy and ultimately provide their client with little more than pointless articles stuffed with keywords and links that are then submitted to any and every article submission site they can find. The results are as inglorious as the efforts, often leading the most valuable article directories to blacklist a client and refuse any new submissions.

At Iowa SEO Group, we take a unique tact to article marketing. First of all, we don’t consider it a “stand-alone” strategy. Rather, we use it as one integral piece of a more comprehensive campaign of  link building, public relations, and customer engagement.

The typical progression of an Iowa SEO Group article marketing campaign follows these steps:

  1. Blog – Write an original, relevant, informative blog post and publish it to your site. The post should include targeted keywords and phrases with links to other sections of your site, but it should not be overly promotional or self-serving. If you provide people with information that is genuinely valuable to them, they will appreciate it, pass it on, come back for more, and keep you front of mind when the time comes to make a purchase decision.
  2. Blog to Article Editing – Every blog post has the potential to be a worthwhile article. Before submitting a blog post to an article submission site, however, it will likely require some editing to make it conform to article directory guidelines. These differ slightly from one to another, but the surest ways to get an article rejected is for it to be too short, have too many links built into it, include too much promotional copy, or include specific company or brand names.
  3. Submit The Article – There are countless automated programs that exist to submit articles to literally thousands of “article directories.” We don’t use them. First of all, many of the “directories” that these services submit to are little more than blog sites that you wouldn’t want your brand associated with. Second, if any of the more reputable article directories detect automatic submissions, they may blacklist you and refuse any future submissions.
  4. Press Release – Sometimes a blog post contains such big news that we can actually turn it into an effective press release and submit it to a newswire where it will be picked up by news agencies across the country. A couple of caveats to this technique: First, there is an additional cost associated with it because the newswires charge for their services. Second, this one should be done sparingly so as not to “wear out your welcome” with the newspapers, TV stations, and radio groups that are most likely to publish your release on their websites. It’s also worth noting that the editorial guidelines for submitting a press release are even more stringent than the article submission sites. The payoff for all of this is a fast and meaningful boost of new backlinks on well-ranked and highly respected websites.

Our Work, Your Words

As we said, article marketing requires a great deal of work and cooperation. Steps 1 through 4 clearly explain the work, but what about the cooperation?

Well, as an SEO firm, part of our job is to get to know your business as well as we can. But we’ll never know it as completely and thoroughly as you do. So we’ll have to rely on you to either write the original blog post, or offer us enough direction and detail that we can write one for you.

Don’t worry if you’re not a trained writer. We are. So we can either edit your work to make sure it meets the needs of you, your client, and the search engines, or we can write it from scratch with your input. Of course, nothing will get posted on your website or anywhere else without your prior approval.

The beauty of article marketing, at least the way we do it, is that it creates a legacy of information and authority that builds credibility for your business. And on those rare and golden occasions when a blog post, article, or press release “goes viral,” the number of potential new clients it can send to your website is overwhelming.

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